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Kitchen Extensions

Need To Extend Your Kitchen?

We all know that the kitchen is the centre of the home. Whether it is a social show-piece or simply an important centre for your family to congregate and socialise, a modern open plan kitchen extension has many benefits.

Headway Construction are a local builders with a proven history or delivering exceptional kitchen extension builds for home owners in Cheshire and Staffordshire. So whether you are looking to build a kitchen extension in Sandbach, Congleton, Weston or Alsager, we can help you build your existing kitchen into a larger, more functional and exciting meeting place.

Kitchen Extensions: Things To Consider

builders of house extensions

Kitchen extension and patio

Building a kitchen extension for your home is a major project. And whilst a good building company will plan to make your build as smooth as possible, disruption will still be inevitable. Here are some considerations when extending your kitchen.

  1. Consider phasing the build. If you are extending your kitchen and having additional works completed you may be able to minimise disruption by completing your build in stages. This allows for options of moving storage and the temporary use of important parts of your home to minimise the disruption to your family life.
  2. Plan a temporary space – a kitchen build can take a minimum of four weeks or longer depending on the scale of the build and external factors. It can often be helpful to transport key cooking items, such as a kettle and microwave, to another part of the house and plan your mealtimes around building activity.
  3. Access for builders – your building team will need facilities and access whilst at your home. Consider how you can provide access to the build without builders having to enter the house and also how you can create a temporary space for them to gather, particularly during breaks.

Adding A Kitchen Extension in Cheshire and Staffordshire

Many home owners choose to build outwards rather than move from their family home. If you are a home owner in Cheshire, Staffordshire or the surrounding areas then Headway Construction can help you build the kitchen extension you desire.

Contact us with your ideas and we’ll gladly advise you of your options.

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